COVID19 Update

Government guidance confirms that Chiropractic services can remain in operation. You are within your rights to travel to Chiropractic appointments.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we understand at Southside Chiropractic that we have a social responsibility to protect our communities and prevent the spread of the virus.
For this reason, we have temporarily closed for routine appointments and are carrying out emergency, acute or medical need appointments only.

To provide the best service we can, to as many as possible, whilst maintaining everybody’s safety, we have particular protocols in place.

We will be available Monday – Friday for limited hours.

Our usual office number will be operating as will our emails. Please email, fill in the contact form or call 07876 787325 to access these services. Telephone consultations free of charge.

We are particularly mindful that our services might be able to help frontline NHS workers who require support.