“The knowledge that our body is designed to heal plays a huge part in my life. To me this is what Chiropractic is about – allowing the brain and spinal cord to communicate with the body to the best of its abilities.”

Dara Tyrrell, Chiropractor

Dara has an absolute passion for Chiropractic, which is focused on the care of people around the Southside of Glasgow. Dara has known since she was 12 years of age that Chiropractic was her passion and would become her life’s work.

After experiencing back pain at the age of nine, Dara sought chiropractic care herself, and from then has enjoyed its incredibly positive impact on her life. Dara grew up in Ireland and graduated with a Masters degree from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

Dara worked in England for many years before falling in love with Scotland, which has led to the Southside of Glasgow becoming her home.

From here she has created Southside Chiropractic. Over the years she has worked in multiple Chiropractic clinics around Ireland and the UK, and spent time studying with and learning from the best Chiropractors all over the world, including attending seminars in America and Europe.

Animals have also been a huge part of Dara’s life and in 2015 she went to Germany to study Animal Chiropractic, which now sees her treat horses, dogs and cats. Dogs are welcome within the practice to receive chiropractic care.

Southside Chiropractic helps you, your family and your animals heal better, feel better and live better.