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What is Chiropractic

What is Chiropractic?

Our nervous system – the brain and spinal cord – controls everything within our body, every cell, organ, muscle and tissue. The spine houses the spinal cord, protecting its nerves as they bring information from all over the body. Any interference within this system, such as the vertebra not moving correctly, can mean the system does not work efficiently, which can in turn cause pain or restriction within the body, or could simply mean that the body is unable to heal itself as well as it should. Click here to find out more


Stress manifests in many ways: physical, chemical and emotional. Our body will draw our attention to a breakdown in communication through symptoms such as pain, low energy levels, headaches and more. You might not even be in pain for a dysfunction to be occurring.


A chiropractor’s job is to assess how well your nerve system is working. Chiropractic focuses on the spine and communication between the brain and body. We do this by removing restrictions within the spine through gentle and bespoke adjustments specific to the individual.

Our Services

At Southside Chiropractic we incorporate multiple techniques to allow for the best care possible for each individual. Each adjustment is tailored to restore just the right balance of integrity and function within each person.

Postural analysis

At the clinic we take digital images of your posture to find out how your stance is affecting your weight-bearing load. An uneven balance can be the cause of spinal wear and tear. During the course of your visits to the clinic the images will show your progress – how your balance is improving, how your body is healing.

Myovision Surface Electromyography (SEMG) scans

A new and extremely skilled scanning system allows us to do a measure of muscle tension about the spine, showing muscular compensation patterns. Electrodes are placed on your back and neck and take measurements that give information on spinal health. It’s a quick technique that can be used by children and pregnant women, giving vital measurements in just a few minutes.

Heart Rate Variability

This scan takes three minutes and is performed by attaching a small clip to your ear lobe. The HRV scan measures heart rate and rhythm and helps us understand and observe your stress response better. When your body is under a ‘stress response’ it struggles to heal but when you come our of the ‘stress response’ then healing becomes easier.

Tests and assessments - A series of measurements, orthopaedic and neurological tests based on your general health will help us find out how your nervous system is functioning, and how your brain is able to process your environment, thus controlling your body. The tests assess Neurological and Vital Sign patterns, and they will be carried out at intervals throughout your care, to chart your progress and wellbeing

Your consultation


As a new patient you will be invited to book two appointments: An initial detailed consultation and examination will include multiple tests and scans to understand how well your body is functioning and establish how we can best meet your needs. These scans can be used on children and infants. This appointment can last up to one hour. At a follow-up appointment you will receive a Report of Findings, where the chiropractor will take you through your results in detail, and from here determine the best course of action to help you achieve your goals, and optimise your future health.