Spring cleaning for the spine

After the month of freezing rain and lashing winds that was February, a whisper of spring is starting to show itself with longer days, (slightly) warmer temps, and the odd glimmer of sun. And this week, the crocuses are in full bloom in Queens Park (where many of you take your 10-minute post-adjustment walk), so spring must really be on its way!

As spring arrives, many of us dive into spring cleaning chores – de-griming windows, clearing our gardens, clearing gutters, moving winter clothes back into storage. 

But, after the inactivity of winter, it’s not just our homes that have accumulated clutter: our bodies also need a spring cleaning of sorts. During those cold months, we hunker down into the warmth of our homes, curled up on our sofas, curved over bowls of warm soup and comfort food. As we emerged into the spring light, we might find ourselves a little more … um… bear-shaped that we were a few months ago.

Chiropractic care can get your spinal joints moving again, reducing nervous system disruption and opening the door for renewed vigour and well-being. By removing restrictions in the spine, chiropractic adjustments free you up for more ease of movement and help your body to heal itself.

So this spring, don’t just clear the gutters and wash the windows – make sure you’re booked in for care and let us help you clear the pathways in the spine to keep your nerves communication efficiently between your brain and your body.

Dara, Iona, and Meg 

And Hudson, of course!

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