Just wanted to check in

We know that life is feeling pretty different right now so  we just wanted to check in and let you know we are here to help and are keen to know how you are all doing. Hoping you are keeping healthy and doing all the good things like eating well, exercising, staying hydrated and getting good sleep.

You’ll perhaps have seen on our social media that we are doing our best to stay fit and healthy. Not every day is easy and some days we aren’t feeling very motivated, but we try to do these things as often as possible to keep positive. We are people who don’t love having nothing to do – Dara can’t get to the gym, Iona can’t get to gigs or see family and Caitlin can’t get out hiking – usually our lives are packed pretty full. Instead, Dara is doing workouts at home and running more, Iona is zooming friends or watching gigs online and Caitlin is making candles and hanging out with her flatmate. We have loved seeing some of the stuff you folks are up to on social media too – you’re inspiring us – whether heading out for lovely long walks to soak up some vitamin D, doing yoga with your dogs, continuing your marathon training and even exercising in your stairwells! It’s been great bumping into some of you in the park or while out food shopping – we have really loved those connections with you as we miss you all.

Even in these strange times, we are seeing incredible moments of hope and connection. For example, millions of our neighbours are cheering together for our NHS and anonymous individuals are offering to help total strangers with their shopping, cooking and errands. 

We love community and we care about all of you very much. So, do you have what you need? You are our community, and we are here to help if we can. 

Please stay in touch with us. Reply to this email, comment on our social media posts – ask us questions and we will do what we can to help.

At Southside Chiropractic, we believe that chiropractic is a way of life. Chiropractic focuses on the spine and communication between the brain and body. You will know from the quote above our wobble cushions that 90% of the brain’s stimulation and nutrition comes from movement of the spine so whatever you find yourself doing these days, make sure that movement is one of them.

We miss you all – please do keep in touch,

Dara, Iona, Caitlin and Hudson, of course!

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